Synergy Works Group

At Synergy, I provide web design and technology consultation services to Synergy and their clients. Most recently, I worked with their lead designer on a new landing page design which better exposes their services and solutions.

Hill Country Church

I have worked with HCC since 2013, providing web design and enterprise consultation services. In 2015 and again in 2020, I redesigned the entire site and provided a custom solution for presenting their content. I continue to update their site content in a contract-based role.

Hill Country Christian School

In 2019, HCCS contracted me to redesign their site as well as manage content updates and hosting. I provided them with a mobile-friendly responsive design with a landing page that clearly showcases their advantages.

A screenshot of the Luke Loves Lauren website.

Luke Loves Lauren

I created this website in June 2019 for our wedding using GatsbyJS and a hand-coded design. It included an RSVP form for our guests and directions to the venue.

Seale Team 6

In 2018, I was contracted by Seale Team 6 to create a website to easily schedule laser tag appointments.

Elisabeth Darnell

In 2013, I was contracted to manage the website for music artist Elisabeth Darnell. I refreshed the design and overhauled the content in 2018.

a.dawn art

In 2015, I was contracted by local artist Ashley Wellmann to create a custom site to showcase her art. It included a completely custom WordPress theme, a custom lightbox gallery page, and an online shop.

Kay Hill Ministries

In 2015, I was contracted to create and manage the website for the non-profit Kay Hill Ministries. I created a custom WordPress theme tailored specifically to the site’s needs.

Created Listening

In 2012, I started a podcast about film and pop culture with my friend Chris. I created a custom WordPress theme focusing on a minimal small-width layout with tactile button effects.


In 2012, I started a forum about Minecraft and other building games with my friend Kolton. I created a custom Vanilla Forums theme with a focus on content.


From 2010 – 2014, I created and managed a technology discussion forum which I grew to 20,000 posts and 1,400 members. I created several custom themes for the forum software we used, as well as the associated WordPress blog.