iOS 6: Bugs and thoughts

So today Apple released iOS 6, which mostly sports a “new” design, which is mostly just some images replaced, more shadows added, and the status … read more

Posterous: Improve your iOS app

I like Posterous. I really do. It’s like a much more powerful and more serious version of Tumblr. It’s got more options, cool themes, and … read more

Idea: iOS Game Videos

So I want to get into the YouTube craze and post videos, but I don’t know what to post. Minecraft isn’t really a good option, … read more

Jailbroken Software Updates

One of iOS 5’s most anticipated feature is the over-the-air software update service that finally cuts the cord between iDevices and iTunes. But what if … read more

A few updates to the blog

Changed the theme to Casual by Obox, idk if I spelled that correctly but who cares xD. Stupid logos -.- Anyway, this new theme will … read more