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Redwood Logistics, Austin Texas


Senior Carrier Sales and Operations


  • Manage a team of 4 junior sales reps to enable them to succeed in a highly competitive and cyclical market
  • Analyze and approve truckload rates to ensure company profitability while still meeting customer service level expectations
  • Engineer internal analytics reports enabling over 20 carrier sales reps to efficiently find prospects

Carrier Sales and Operations

JANUARY 2018 - APRIL 2019

  • Prospected a large carrier base to submit competitive truckload rates
  • Maintained service level KPIs by communicating with carriers to ensure freight deadlines were met
  • Learned sales strategies and techniques that more than doubled sales performance

Hillcountry Church, San Marcos Texas


Web Design Consultant

  • Spearheaded projects overhauling the website’s code and server infrastructure to reduce overhead by 40%
  • Optimized the back end server behind a CDN to reduce page load times by up to 60%
  • Administered and deployed IT solutions such as G-suite that scaled across the organization

Kotin Property Management, San Marcos Texas

MARCH 2017 - JANUARY 2018

Maintenance Technician

  • Lead a 2-person renovation and turnover team, completing 2-4 apartments a day at an 84-door property
  • Solved maintenance issues ranging from air conditioning systems to apartment appliance repair

Ella Lofts Apartments, San Marcos Texas

OCTOBER 2016 - MARCH 2017

Maintenance Supervisor

  • Interviewed and assessed applicants across several dimensions to determine hiring eligibility
  • Managed a 5-person team composed of full-time and part-time employees
  • Cleared a six-month backlog of over 250 tickets within 2 weeks
  • Overhauled electronic network lock system by running ethernet cables and switches alongside proprietary AlarmLock hardware in over 100 apartments
  • Determined reorder points for inventory and ensured it was properly stocked under budget

Outpost Apartments, San Marcos Texas

JUNE 2014 - OCTOBER 2016

Maintenance Technician

  • Lead a 5-person renovation and turnover team, completing 7-10 apartments a day at an 486-door college student property
  • Solved maintenance issues ranging from air conditioning systems to apartment appliances

Certifications: HVAC EPA, CPO

Awards: Rookie of the Year Award (Redwood Logistics)