Rebooting servers

I recently rebooted the VPS behind this site, after 251 days of uptime (womp womp). I did it to take a snapshot on Digital Ocean so I could use my setup for other VPSs I set up, but it had some unexpected benefits that made me wish I was a better sysadmin. Turns out I … Read more

What’s holding me back from going full Microsoft

Microsoft has really made some attractive improvements in their services and devices in the past couple of years, and Windows 10 really solidified their approach. I’ve been considering ditching my dependence on Google and switching to Microsoft for everything, but unfortunately Microsoft just isn’t there yet in my opinion. Here’s what I’m looking to do: … Read more

Optimizing JPEGs for webpages

On a site I recently designed and developed, there’s a massive 3000x2365px background image behind the whole site. It was a JPEG that weighed in at 1.9mb. I thought surely we could shave more bits off that, but fiddling around with Photoshop’s Save As dialog didn’t yield much, in fact, saving it at a setting … Read more

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Why not WordPress?

I’m trying to create a simple content website for a client. It just needs a user-editable homepage slider and a simple image gallery. That’s it. I really don’t want to use WordPress for this because it seems like overkill for such a small site. I’ve been heavily researching alternatives. The only one I can find … Read more

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Don’t forget to use flexbox flex units

In a recent web design project for a client, I have a lot of content organized into boxes and responsively changed using CSS flexbox. Today I discovered that what I was doing with flexbox was wrong, and why my items looked like this when the width of the page was too small: Notice how the … Read more

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Better blog load times

I removed a lot of the code that shows the contents of my blog posts on the post list page to make things load a bit faster. Instead of loading all those images, now we’re just loading the links to the posts, which has cut down load times by 300-400ms. We were already loading within … Read more

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Forgot to turn off my computer for a month

I’ve got multiple projects going on lately, and none of them are finished. So instead of turning off my computer, I’ve just been putting it into sleep mode or hibernation. The result? Almost 30 days of uptime, and no issues whatsoever. Windows 10 is awesome. I’ve been making full use of Windows 10’s multiple desktops … Read more

Mozilla whines about defaults in Windows 10

Chris Beard at Mozilla writes, When we first saw the Windows 10 upgrade experience that strips users of their choice by effectively overriding existing user preferences for the Web browser and other apps, we reached out to your team to discuss this issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t result in any meaningful progress, hence this letter. We … Read more

Granite on my QuickFire Rapid

I finally got my Massdrop order in for a nice DSA keycap set called Granite. Here’s the keycaps partially pulled off my CM Storm QuickFire Rapid with MX browns, pretty disgusting in there after almost a year:   The bags: I ran into a problem with my stabilizers (the white things that go on a … Read more

iVerge gets rekt

Les Orchard writes, So, I’ve been a big fan of The Verge, almost since day one. It’s a gorgeous site and the content is great. They’ve done some amazing things with longform articles like “What’s the deal with translating Seinfeld” and “Max Headroom: the definitive history of the 1980s digital icon”, and the daily news … Read more