Granite on my QuickFire Rapid

I finally got my Massdrop order in for a nice DSA keycap set called Granite. Here’s the keycaps partially pulled off my CM Storm QuickFire … read more

To Jaques’ Station!

In order to fulfill my aspiration to be an explorer in Elite: Dangerous, I sold off my weapons, shield cells, and miscellaneous other combat equipment … read more

Farewell Lugh, again

The fight in Lugh didn’t last very long. There were¬†quite a few combat zones for a session, but the next time I logged in all … read more

New year’s resolutions

Here’s a short list of new year’s resolutions for 2015 which I don’t expect to complete: Use Firefox as my default browser for at least … read more

ED: Lugh

After seeing this thread about the terrible injustice the Federation has inflicted upon the system of Lugh just by being the dominant faction, I packed … read more