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My Windows 10 tiling workspace setup

One annoyance I’ve had with Windows after using Manjaro and i3 for a few months last year is that there wasn’t really a good tiling window manager for Windows. FancyZones Microsoft’s PowerToys project makes a suitable replacement that doesn’t break things, called FancyZones. See below for my layout: I’ve got a big zone on the … Read more

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Why I use Firefox as my default browser

Since Firefox 5, I’ve been very vocal about my opposition against anyone using Firefox. Mozilla has definitely dropped the ball multiple times over the last decade, however I must say I am seeing a lot of things I like lately, after using Firefox Developer Edition (currently version 77b3) since April 2019. Here’s the list: Scrolling … Read more

More on Firefox slowdowns

So Firebug actually slows down Firefox. Mind blown. Disabled all extensions and finally narrowed it down: The addon that slows down Firefox the most is Adblock+. Yeah, you heard me. AB+ checks every element on the page against a list that contains thousands of entries, and that really slows things down. The next common addon … Read more

How Mozilla is hurting webmasters

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I really don’t like Firefox that much. Sure, I’ve used it as my primary browser on several occasions, and I keep it installed to keep track of what’s new, but I still think it’s got a long ways to go before it could make me … Read more

Firefox 7 is out

Firefox 7 is out, guys. Yeah, that’s right ;) So what’s new in this version? The Info: Mozilla, a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released an update to Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. Mozilla Firefox provides a speedy Web browsing experience for users and new tools to help developers … Read more

Offline GMail

So Google has released an app in the Chrome Web Store ┬ácalled Offline GMail. Immediately I was confused as to why they did that, because GMail already appears to have some sort of offline feature in it already, the odd thing being that it doesn’t seem to work in Google’s own browser, Chrome. Well, here’s … Read more

Firefox 6 is out

Let’s all greet this release with groans! :D Yes, groans, as Mozilla is continuing their major version rampage and has made Firefox 5 obsolete, just as they did with Firefox 4. Firefox 6 is out. Well, what’s new in this version? The address bar now highlights the domain of the website you’re visiting Streamlined the … Read more

Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently released a new app in the App Store named Facebook Messenger, and of course you can tell what it is by the title. I just think it’s ridiculous that they have a separate app for that instead of improving their Facebook app, it’s obviously the marketing edge they’re aiming for here. Still, it’s … Read more

Review: The 2 best Twitter clients

Review: The two best Twitter clients There’s a lot of Twitter clients out there, so we thought we’d test what some blogs we’re following recommended and write about our experience with each one, post a screenshot, and talk about the pros and cons of the applications. TweetDeck is quite amazing. It’s an awesome Twitter client … Read more