Rebooting servers

I recently rebooted the VPS behind this site, after 251 days of uptime (womp womp). I did it to take a snapshot on Digital Ocean so I could use my setup for other VPSs I set up, but it had some unexpected benefits that made me wish I was a better sysadmin. Turns out I … Read more

Podcastin’, and other stuffs

Well, the holidays went by quickly for me, I basically spent a month playing World of Tanks, starting before Thanksgiving and ending around Christmas. Then I got to work on a podcast with a friend of mine. We recorded it on the 6th this month, and while I don’t talk much, I think it came … Read more

New Project: Uber Troll

Came up with a great idea for a new Tumblog today: A blog about the troll meme. There’s tons of content out there to find and put on there, so this should go a lot better than the SpammerBlog. And it’s really easy to find new images. I’ve already got 6 posts queued and people … Read more