Huckin’ it with Hudson

During the holidays I donned the vacuumsuit and became CMDR Cactus once again in the gigantic galaxy of Elite: Dangerous. This time around I was determined to get somewhere with Powerplay, and set out to earn merits with my power of choice, Zachary Hudson (I have no idea why I chose him so long ago, … Read more

Back to Kappa Fornacis

Since my second grand expedition, this time to the top of the galaxy, I’ve done a lot in Elite: Dangerous. I did indeed reach the top of the galaxy, and it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be. Perhaps a better vantage point would have yielded better shots, even though the one I … Read more

Titanfall 2

So Respawn has admitted that they’re working on a sequel to the online FPS mech shooter Titanfall that came out this time last year. And while I enjoyed the original, I’m not planning on buying the sequel unless some serious improvements are made. Here’s what I didn’t like about the original: no community servers. That … Read more

The Grand Expedition

I went to the Aries Dark Region and visited the Pleiades Nebula, and then headed back to Lave. Here’s some screenshots from the trip: Now to sell some data! Doesn’t seem like a lot. While in Lave, I noticed it was an Alliance-backed station, so I finally got rid of 25k-worth of bounties I had … Read more

To the Aries Dark Region

Jaque’s Station finally moved! Sadly, it only moved a few light years to HIP 110079 from HIP 110620: That was enough for me to get bored, so I did some aimless exploring, and found this really cool-looking gas giant: I rather like exploring now, so I’ve given up on Jaque’s Station and set a course … Read more

The Cyborg is watching

I have arrived at Jaques Station. It was quite a long trek from Lawd 74 to HIP 110620, but I made it.  Upgrading my fuel scoop a bit helped out, and selling off equipment to buy the exploration equipment made my ship lighter and added about 2 ly to my maximum jump range, allowing me to … Read more

To Jaques’ Station!

In order to fulfill my aspiration to be an explorer in Elite: Dangerous, I sold off my weapons, shield cells, and miscellaneous other combat equipment to buy an Intermediate Discovery Scanner and a Detailed Surface Scanner in Eotienses. I then set off for Alshain, where Jacques’ Station supposedly is, and explored a few systems along the … Read more

Farewell Lugh, again

The fight in Lugh didn’t last very long. There were quite a few combat zones for a session, but the next time I logged in all signs of war had vanished, despite the Crimson State Group faction having 87% influence. Maybe that’s why. Anyhow, I set out for Kappa Fornacis once again, for the forums told … Read more

Back to Lugh

After hunting around in Kappa Fornacis for a bit, I returned to Noatiaca to continue my career as an asteroid rat who preys upon the drug lords of The Purple Drug Empire. Soon enough I wanted a change of scenery and began to search for another conflict zone. In early December last year I went … Read more