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The Cyborg is watching

| Luke Harris
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I have arrived at Jaques Station.

It was quite a long trek from Lawd 74 to HIP 110620, but I made it. Screenshot_0114

Upgrading my fuel scoop a bit helped out, and selling off equipment to buy the exploration equipment made my ship lighter and added about 2 ly to my maximum jump range, allowing me to jump about 18ly at a time. Along the way, I explored a few systems, and got around 20,000 credits for my findings. Not a bad haul.

Hopefully I can continue to make some decent profits while exploring, so I can get that Advanced Discovery Scanner and make even more than with my Intermediate Discovery Scanner.

i feel the cyborg's cold gaze boring deep into my vacuumsuit-covered soul...


As I approached Jaques Station after my exit from supercruise, I felt a sense of both awe and dread. There's something really odd about this station, how it's been completely missing from the galaxy for a year, and the giant engines on the back are very intimidating.

I was able to dock without a hitch however. I spent some time after requesting docking perms to check out the rear of the station, and got a nice shot of the powerful engines that will take us to new sectors. Despite the unease I feel, I am really excited to dive into my new career as an explorer.


I'm also very pleased to see the addition of chevrons in the docking radar, this will help a lot around outposts, if I ever visit one again.

I heard a rumor the station will be departing Friday during scheduled maintenance, and while I have no idea where we're going, I'm pretty confident it's going to be fun.

if the cyborg doesn't poison my drink first that is...


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