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The problem with Razer's "Project Christine"

| Luke Harris
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At CES 2014, Razer showed off a gaming PC concept that I immediately had an issue with. It's based around being completely modular in such a way that's easily serviceable by the end user, while having advanced stuff like oil cooling.

My immediate issue with it is this: Where the hell are we going to buy those modules if we want to upgrade the damn thing, supposing we bought it in the first place?

Razer of course. No one else will sell those modules, and Razer will sell them at a price higher than what the actual components would cost. And that's provided they actually fit in those small modules.

And damn, that case (if it can even be called a case) is ugly af.

Also, please, for the love of GabeN, do not name your computers after your girlfriends, nerds. gosh

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