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iOS 6: Bugs and thoughts

| Luke Harris

So today Apple released iOS 6, which mostly sports a "new" design, which is mostly just some images replaced, more shadows added, and the status bar changes colors. It also gives you another app you won't use and can't delete, called Passbook. I've stored it in my special folder for the rest of that crap:

Fortunately they removed the YouTube app so that's good, an app for an app.

Apple also added Facebook support, so you can more easily sign into apps with Facebook, update your status, and share photos. Along with that, they redid the sharing menu in Safari and

However, it seems they forgot to update the Facebook icon to the new one that came with Facebook's new native app that came out a month or so ago.

Speaking of the Facebook app, it's also got a strange bug in iOS 6:

As you can see, the comment text field is larger than it was in iOS 5. Definitely a bug.

Another Facebook-related bug is that due to the Facebook calendar/contact integration with iOS 6, birthday events show up twice, and you can't remove the duplicates:

Annoying when it shows up in Notification Center.

Apple also redid the UI, it looks quite nice:

However they haven't redone the Cover Flow song detail pane:

That blue bar with no text shadow pains me.

The last small bug I noticed is that the Settings app seems to name plural App Stores:

Is Apple adding additional app stores to iOS? Unlikely. Looks like a typo to me.

Other than those bugs and the total "meh" factor of iOS 6, I guess it's ok. Kind of slow on my iPod touch 4 however.

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