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I hate computers

The last few days have been bad for me. Got my new GPU, crammed it in after a lot of trouble, then I find out that my power supply probably isn't supplying enough juice to power the darn thing, so I take it out, and then the computer doesn't post when I turn it on. Urgh. Then I got a spare out, 2004 Dell Dimension 1100, and that broke somehow after a day or two, not sure how. It's just giving me crap about not being able to find the hard drives, not matter what I do, like change cables/drives, when it worked perfectly the night before. And then I got an old Compaq Evo something out of the closet, it works, then I shove my drives in and it breaks. Only Compaq would be ***ic enough to put the motherboard in the way of the drive bays so that stupid me can kill the BIOS chip with the drives...

So now I'm putting together a real cheapo build on Newegg and then I'm going to somehow get a job and buy those parts. For now I have to use my really ancient PowerMac G4 for everything.