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MineBoard Updates 111211

| Luke Harris

Well, some big changes have come to MineBoard. Version 2.0, codenamed Dragon, has been released, and we're bringing about some great improvements.

The first thing on the list is the theme. We've ditched the old crappy one we started with, and finally got that one I told you guys about a few months ago. While I personally dislike it as it doesn't match the mockup and it took so much time, it definitely looks ok, just needs some polish from me :P

Next thing is the forums. When we started, I didn't want a whole bunch of forums at first, so we stuck with three basic categories and a small number of forums. Now that we've got a ton more posts, it's time to redo the forum arrangement. It's going to look a lot better than it was ;)

Third, I finally put together that YouTube gallery. It needs some tweaks, I want the video threads to look a lot like the screenshot gallery, and I need to change some existing YouTube threads to match it, but when it's done it will be neat.

Fourth, I'll be adding a sidebar. I've always liked the darn things, and this should really help us promote certain areas of the site. For example, I plan for the topmost block to be titled, "Post Something New" and the links will be "Post a new thread" (working on something for that), "Post a new pic", and "Post a new video". I think I'm going to change the downloads system back to the XThreads system we were using, because I don't like the way the current one works. Once that's done, I'll add a link that says, "Upload a new file". Should really help with activity.

And that's it for now.

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