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What I've been up to - 10311

| Luke Harris

My weekend was pretty busy with projects - or more specifically, games ;) I spent the weekend burning people up in Team Fortress 2, as I had recently found The Backburner, and setting up a Minecraft server on a spare computer I had laying around.

It went pretty well, I used MineOS Crux for the OS, a really nice bare bones Linux distro made specifically for running a Minecraft server. I had it up and running in minutes, and after sorting out some issues with my network adapter, it's running great.

After I set it up, I noticed it was a bit laggy when myself and my friend did resource-intensive stuff like blowing up 10 TNT (this is in Minecraft 1.8, btw) and it even crashed a couple times while we were exploring. Well, yesterday I found an awesome plugin for Bukkit, appropriately titled "NoLagg". And it's one heck of a plugin. My friend and I successfully blew up 34,580 blocks of TNT without one bit of lag. I was surprised.

Later, we tried 92,460 blocks of TNT in the Nether, and it ran great for a while, until the server got so overloaded it stopped receiving connections. However, after stopping it safely and starting it back up again, the crater was there, so that was great :) I can't believe it took that much TNT to blow it up though.

Also been experimenting with CloudFlare's RocketLoader, it's still got a lot of issues with the JavaScripts used on my forum. But I think I'll be able to work with it by switching it on in manual mode and editing some