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What I've been up to 102311

| Luke Harris

Time for another status post =)

This week, I installed Ubuntu 11.10 via Wubi and got it running. It's awesome :) I'm loving the new graphic effects and the Aero Snap-like feature with the windows. The odd thing is that Chrome runs flawlessly on Ubuntu, which is odd because on Windows it crashed a lot. Idk if the experimental features I've got enabled in Chrome on Windows is the problem, but I should definitely find out the cause of this.

MineBoard has been doing well, we're racking up the posts, and traffic is amazing for such a young forum. I need to get around to setting up the store and the YouTube gallery soon.

Enigma has been normal. I'm starting to see a pattern now. People aren't as active at the beginning of the week as they are towards the end, which is sad but I can live with it. I've cut out a lot of the bulk in the footer by removing old affiliates and links, and moving the remaining ones to the sidebar on the index page. It will look a lot better that way. I've also removed the ads from the topic view, they weren't doing very well. In their place I put some share buttons, which is cool. I also shrunk the two ads in the footer to one and lowered the minimum bid.

I've been getting more and more attracted to Tumblr recently. It's simple, and it's got that social aspect to it that makes it awesome. I might be turning this blog into more of a project blog and use Tumblr for personal things. Idk yet though. I should probably explore Posterous a bit more.

And that's it for this week.

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