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MCMines is now a part of MineBoard

| Luke Harris

Great news! MCMines, a Minecraft forum with a fairly active community and over 2,000 posts, has merged with MineBoard :)

This is fantastic because we now have over 3,000 posts, 450 members and a dedicated additional admin, all of which will help make MineBoard even more awesome.

Another great thing about this is that the new admin has a server which he's working on to bring back online, which will definitely help bring in members :) He's also got some awesome plugins which includes a much better download system for MyBB. This is awesome because this download system will be able to use MineBoardian Gold to pay for downloads and such.

The merge went fairly well, had to wait a while for things to get uploaded and stuff, but everything went smoothly after that :) Had some issues with the settings being imported from the old board but that's mostly cleared up.

Tomorrow, MineBoard will be up and running once I finish sorting everything into the proper forums :) I think a reorganization of the forums is in order this week.

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