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MineBoard Dev Update 92911

| Luke Harris

MineBoard's been doing great lately, though it's gotten a bit inactive. Definitely encouraging to see all the support on Twitter though :) One of our members even recommended us to Notch, that was awesome.

Anyway, here's the list of stuff I added, changed, or fixed on MineBoard:

  • Added RSS feeds for the MCUpdate Tumblr blog.
  • Added Guides forum.
  • Added donation plugin.
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and changes.

Stuff I want to do:

  • Add custom icons to each forum on MineBoard.
  • Add affiliate links for both mine and Chaos’ sites.
  • Create promotional graphics like banners and buttons.
  • Get the new theme. Waiting for the funds to come in for that ;)
  • Add downloads area using XThreads, if it's not functional enough I may just buy MyDownloads and install that.
  • Add a YouTube video gallery, also using XThreads, should be awesome :)
  • Add a way to promote individual threads to portal articles instead of having to copy or move them to a forum that is assigned for that purpose.
  • Modify the server showcase forum using XThreads.

That's all for today.

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