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MineBoard Dev Update 92411

| Luke Harris

Yup, so I finally sat down and edited MineBoard's current theme, I think it will do for now until we have the funds to purchase a better one, like the one I mentioned that was in development. I think we can do a lot with what we've got at the moment though.

What's left to do: Well, I've got a lot of little lines of code to add and plugins to activate, after that I have to test the forums for a while to make sure everything works the way it should. If everything goes well, I could see us opening up our doors for new members very soon, like tomorrow or next week.

I have to code a guest welcome message with all the registration methods in it so that it's easy and encouraging to register on the forum. Then I want to edit the blue links box so that all the links are in menus, and the users avatar will be in the left corner with their username.

I also have an idea for user avatars I want to implement, I'd like to add the option for the user to be able to use Minotars instead of the forum's system. That way they can use their skin's face as their avatar. It's going to be tricky to figure out how to do that in MyBB, but it should be fun when it's done.

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