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EC Dev Update #2

Here's what I worked on last week on EC:

  • Changed hosts from HostGator to HawkHost, improving speeds and cutting costs.
  • Bought and modified Pulse, a premium IPB theme.
  • Added Blog Development forum.
  • Added Hosting and Servers forum.
  • Added Marketplace forum.
  • Added EnigmaDump feedback forum.
  • Assigned icons to all forums on the index.
  • Fixed a weird navigation bug in the header.
  • Fixed the mobile theme's logo.
  • Added EnigmaDump.
  • Actually remembered to post a changelog/improvements list :P

More stuff is coming soon, this week or the next I plan to add or modify the following:

  • Buy IP.Content and use it for the EnigmaBlog.
  • Come up with some blog series, like
    • The 5 monthly browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).
    • The 5 Cydia tweaks.
    • The 5 free programs.
  • Add a hosting service named EnigmaHost, still figuring out the control panel :P
  • Add a URL shortener named Enigma Shortener. Might change the name later on because it's lame. It will use the domain from old ECC.

That's all for this week's Dev Update.