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EC Dev Update #1

| Luke Harris

Well, I've decided I'm going to post about EC improvements, ideas, and such in little "Dev Updates" to make things a little neater, at least for me. I'll also do this for Mineboard and other projects. I think the frequency will be weekly, but no promises.

I plan to go with HawkHost's basic package to begin with, that's a nice $40 a year, much better than the $85 that I was going to have to pay HostGator. I just hope they perform well, though everybody I've met says they're great and I know a lot of forums that are on them. I think I might have some issues with LiteSpeed and IPB, but I think I can fix that.

The best part about going with them is that it leaves money for a theme and maybe other improvements. It's going to be nice when it's done, I'm going to buy a premium theme off of the IPS marketplace called Deluxe, the author did a good job on it. Looks XenForoish, but meh, it's still awesome.

Then I think I'll save the money for a little while, not sure what I'll do with it yet.

Ideas, well, I've been thinking and I'm going to try and post an article everyday on the forum. I'm going to browse Google News and check stuff, and then write it in my own words. Should be easy to accomplish, I don't have to write anything really long. Maybe I should do several shorter ones and combine them all into one.

I really need to come up with some group projects we can do on the forum, something that can keep people on there like nyxcharon suggested in a thread. Like a download or something handy that can only be found on this site. Basic marketing I suppose.

I do want to do some sort of installer builds with an application that takes several programs and installs them all for you, speeding up reinstallation. That will be cool, however I'd like to have IP.Downloads for that.

This week I have to focus on hosting and the theme though.

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