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MineBoard Development Status 07-24-2011

| Luke Harris

Though I haven't been really motivated the past few days, today I actually completed most of my todo list:

  • Uploaded about 30 plugins and left them deactivated in preparation for our new theme.
  • Edited and tweaked some things to improve the security of the forum.
  • Wrote the forum rules.
  • Wrote a paper on how MineBoard is different (need to improve our uniqueness I must admit ;) )
  • Set up MyBBPublisher, so new stuff is now published to Facebook and Twitter.

Also, I have some not so great news, turns out the theme developer won't be able to start on the theme until next week, which is ok, I just am itching to get everything done, almost all the pre-theme preparation is done.

Tomorrow I plan to really focus on getting the server list done. After that there's not much more I can do until the theme is done :-/

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