Well I decided to push through and get the ads set up on ECC, finally, so I could sell them.

Haven’t gotten any buyers so far, but I expect I will soon. I’m asking $10 a month for the header banner, $6 for the footer banner, and $8 for the thread ads. Considering I’m getting almost 1k pageviews a day and ECC is a PR3 site, I think that’s a fair price.

Not only did I set up ads to sell them, but I created a new campaign in Project Wonderful to find all the ad spots which get above 100 visits a day and cost below $0.02. It’s found and bidded on over 200 sites for me so far, and after 12 hours the ads have gotten about 20,000 impressions and 17 clicks for about $0.15. Pretty awesome if you ask me, didn’t like Project Wonderful that much for selling ads, but for buying ads, that’s a whole different story.