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| Luke Harris

Well, last night I finally got around to making banners for advertising ECC.

They're in the standard sizes; 88x31, 150x150, 468x60, and 768x90. I'll be using them in services such as Project Wonderful and maybe Google AdWords. And I'm considering buying spots on other forums too.

They're simple, some text styling, and they all have a faint watermark in the gradient background. They are definitely missing something though, I need to sit down and design the ECC logo. I think 2/3 of a compass dial around the E in Enigma would look great; the logo Tim made for ECHS was awesome and I wanted something like that for the logo ever since.

Next up for ECC improvement, I'm considering adding Facebook login and registration, I've found two plugins for MyBB for it, problem is they're a little too much. One I've attempted to use before, the popular one, but it didn't work like it was supposed to. Maybe I didn't configure the app correctly, but the popup window always got stuck on the "XD Proxy", which is very confusing. The other one was made in 2009 for MyBB 1.4 I think it was, haven't tried it yet but it has some features I don't want or need, but we'll see if I can disable some of them.

Also, when I mess around with making an app for logging into ECC, I should be able to get past that stupid developer approval crap that Facebook is pulling. If it weren't for the possibility of new members I wouldn't be doing this, I hate Facebook's crap. Anyway, once I get approved I'll be able to add a Like button to ECC, amongst the other sharing buttons on the bottom of each thread.

While I'm at it, I'll add a "Follow" column to the footer of ECC and put Twitter's follow button and a similar one for Facebook if they have that, as well as the RSS feed link.

Also, we're reorganizing the way the staff operate. We're going to be using a list method for jobs that need to be done, and to do that I think I'm going to be adding another subforum just for job threads, and enable the MySupport plugin in it so I can mark priorities and assign threads. Hopefully, the staff will be diligent enough to follow through with it, but we should have a lot more organized system.

We plan to be writing a number of reviews, on hardware, software, and other stuff, I think every week there will be a job thread asking for a review on something, and a lot of threads asking for posts on specific sections to keep them alive.

On another note, MineBoard has been coming along. That's the Minecraft forum I'm building with a friend. Progress is slow, mostly because I haven't been really into it lately, but I'm working on getting a much better theme for it from a theme developer on MyBB. One of the things I'm trying to aim for here is uniqueness from the other Minecraft forums I've seen, so I need to work on providing features that most other forums don't have.

And that's today's blog post :P

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