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| Luke Harris

Eventful week.

Did a whole bunch of stuff on my forum and blog. Added a Google +1 button to both of them, and I'm considering installing a plugin to add a small tiny sidebar to the forum with tweet, StumbleUpon, and +1 buttons on it. Not sure yet, need to style it a bit and further decide if it's worth it.

Not a real big fan of Facebook right now. Went to go get the code for a Like button, and now they have to approve you as a developer, which is just plain stupid and unnecessary to me. I may still try to get a Recommend button, but I don't know yet.

Recently, I redid the usergroups on ECC, with new gray userbars, and the groups are now as follows:

Management (administrators)

Forum Staff (super moderators with some extra purpose)


A staff member suggested the change from the system we had, and suggested we lay off some inactive staff members, which I did by removing all the moderators because they had been inactive, and had been forewarned several times about it.

He also suggested that the Forum Staff would help manage the site in some way, like subadmins or something,  but we haven't worked out the details yet.

I also implemented an plugin on my forum, as we have no source of revenue at the moment. It only affects outbound links and I think 5 seconds is not something to moan about, as it's keeping us afloat. If we don't make enough revenue and users complain about it too much, I will take it off after a few months.

We are also working on getting Google Adsense back for the site again, the first attempt failed, but Tim is trying again. It will be nice to have revenue coming it again, it amazed me that we made $10 the first month we had it enabled, and having it would help fund the site  and future improvements, such as the far-off upgrade to IP.Board, and future site contests.

Oh, about the contest. I think I mentioned before that ECC was going to have a contest, but after looking at how many active members we have (3-5) I don't think it would be a good time to start one. So I'm saving the money.

I also restored my iPod to iOS 5 beta 2 recently, I am liking it so far, it's a huge improvement over the last beta. It's much faster, even faster than 4.3 I think but then again I don't have Mobile Substrate installed this time. Yes it is jailbroken by the way.

They seem to have fixed the notification problems I had, which I thought was simply incompatibility, and Newsstand is faster to open, though I still hate it and Stocks. Everything seems to work, only had one crash in Settings and crashes when I view my profile, but I prefer Tweetbot over it.

I think I'll be experimenting with more clients by the way. Twitter clients, that is. I've found some good ones I want to test and might be blogging about them.

And so ends today's blog post.

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