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| Luke Harris

Spent most of the weekend working on ECC. I've modified the theme, with a little help at the end from a friend of mine, and I like the results. It's the right color blue, everything contrasts nicely, and I can move on to other things without worrying about the theme so much.

I also implemented the donation system, however I haven't gotten the VIP group the way I want it yet. Basically right now they have some minor benefits such as a higher PM storage limit, higher attachment size, and special userbars, though I am working on providing some additional benefits, such as customizable pages and profiles, a higher point rate in contests, no ads, and possibly some additional themes. I will also be adding a private forum for that group.

Things have been slow on ECC lately however, despite the new theme, I'm usually the only one posting. I shouldn't have as high of a post count as I do, I'd like to see my members posting more, especially my staff, as that's one of their main duties. I think a contest should stir things up a bit, but I'm not sure about the prize. Since $20 seems a bit small to give on its own, I'm probably going to get a Minecraft code or something to reward the winner with.

Hopefully, Tim will fix the issues with Google AdSense and we'll be able to pull in more revenue soon, which will help with running more contests, even though we'll have to wait until we have $100 to withdraw it. I plan to keep the Project Wonderful ads in place, because I'm sure when a rise in traffic comes they’ll be selling like crazy, in addition to my plans to promote the spots on webmaster and forum admin communities.

I've been wondering if Ad.Fly would be a worthwhile experiment, because if I used it on outbound links away from my site I could gain some money from people navigating away from the site. Something to experiment with this week.

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