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| Luke Harris

Interesting day today. I took part in the ProjectIf Ustream and wrote an article about it, spend some time trying to resize the Windows 7 taskbar buttons in the registry, and just left it in small icons mode after failing, then I posted like crazy on a forum admin forum and got a lot of Postloop points.

I’ve been getting more active in Twitter as well, it’s becoming my primary social network. Facebook has been real boring lately because I have few (about 60) friends, while Twitter has trends and news and other neat stuff. Plus they’re offering an official picture service using Photobucket, who by the way gave me unlimited photo space today :P

Traffic on ECC reached 401 users in the past 24 hours, that’s an achievement. I need to work on creating more threads in the forums to encourage activity.

I hate the fact that most of the activity seems to be coming from Postloop when it’s enabled. I really want members to stay there not for the points, but just for the forum. I have few people like that. So I’m undecided about cashing out my points for $11 for 100 or bringing more activity on ECC with them. Maybe I should cash out and start a competition and advertise it.

Starting a competition would mean getting NewPoints set up again, not sure about my plans for that. I’ll have to think up a good number for the points a user has to have to win. Considering activity might explode over $10-$20, it may have to be high.

I’m also thinking of adding a donations page now that I have a PayPal account, it should help a bit with money for prizes. Problem is I have to think up some good benefits for the donors, a VIP membership probably with some extra features, like maybe a chat room and a private forum section for those users.

Well that’s my blog post for today. If you read it, I’ve got the Disqus comment system in place for commenting :P

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