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Social Networks and Collaborative Software Experiments

| Luke Harris

Today, out of boredom, I’m going to be experimenting with social network and collaboration software.

The two products I have in mind are Elgg, an open source social network platform which looks rather smooth, and Collabtive, a online collaboration software that is also open source. These two projects might come in handy for some future plans, or may just make my boredom pass, but they’re both excellent software from the reviews.

Elgg will be the first thing I start on, I’ve already installed a copy on the server, and so far it’s pretty neat. I like the fact that you can install plugins from the admin panel.

EDIT: Well it seems that Elgg comes with a set of default plugins, if you want others you have to download them from the Elgg site and then upload them to a mods folder. Which is fine, I just really like that WordPress feature lol.

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