Well, I’ve been trying out IP.Board lately, and I have to say it’s pretty darn cool.

They’ve really taken the effort out of configuring advanced features and other things that you have to hammer into MyBB. Like OpenID logins for instance. On IPB, you can register and log in with Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, and OpenID, which means almost everything, including Google. On MyBB, there’s a heavily buggy plugin that only lets you log in with Facebook. Nothing else. And it’s got to have files modified, and half the time I’ve used it on other forums it doesn’t work.

Now, you may think that this is a tiny feature people can forget about, but in my view, it’s huge. Being able to effortlessly sign up for a forum and log in is something that will be hugely beneficial in the end. 

It’s not only this feature, but others as well. For instance, skin uploading. There’s no upload all your images, then import an XML file, and then reconfigure all that HTML to fix the plugins, it’s upload two xml.gz archives, set a couple settings if you want to, and be done with it.

The admin control panel is very easy to use, granted, it’s not as simple as MyBB, but everything is well organized and easy to figure out. In fact, there are some similarities in the way the main sections are organized across the top of the page with a sidebar on the left.

I also like the fact that the status feature can update your Facebook and Twitter as well, and the overall layout of the user profile is awesome. Couple it with IP.Blog, and the users could have their own personal blog there as well as participating in group blogs. I find that insanely cool.

The whole interface is well polished, and I’m not just talking about the JS effects here. It’s all been well thought out and organized, and I would switch to it in an instant if I had the money.

I guess what’s holding me back from saving up for this software is the next version of MyBB, 2.0, but who knows when that will be released. Couple years, maybe, which gives me time I guess.

I believe this would be the next step in ECC’s life, and one of the most important. Problem right now is financial resources. 

By the way, I’ve played with vBulletin, never liked it, it was also too expensive, and xenForo I have never tried but I really dislike it in general from the forums I’ve used with it.