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Ads Update

| Luke Harris

Yesterday my account with Chitika got approved, and I’ve added their ads to the footer and postbit on ECC. I have yet to see any revenue however, but a note said to wait for a few days.

Yesterday I also put a sidebar on the forum display pages and the threads, to provide a better way to serve ads than stuck in the header. I don’t know how I’m liking this change, things look a little squished but I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Once I gather enough funds I will definitely be looking into getting a new theme, the Apart series is a bit overused on MyBB. I think I will pay a designer to make one, and hopefully this will provide a cleaner way to serve ads as well.

I only have one ad from Project Wonderful so far, and that’s on my portal page and is being used for free (darn), I will probably set a minimum bid on that one. No one has bid on the sidebar ad yet.

Personally I really don’t like the Chitika ads, they obviously don’t work well unless you come to the forum from a search engine, in which case they display relevant ads to what you were searching for. I have read about some people who have had immense success with Chitika, so I guess we’ll see. I’m really limited on which ad providers I can use as the only method of payment for me is through PayPal.

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