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Visions of ECC improvements

| Luke Harris

Ok, now that I've got a working blog on ECC, I want to do the following:

  • Try to get the Pro Portal as the blog display instead of the crudely modified forum, it will be awesome if I can get it to work. I will probably try to give it a unique plugin identity first, because I have it installed as the portal on ECC. It will take quite a bit of plugin edits, but I think I can get it to work. It will look much better than what I have now. I will keep the article display intact, however.
  • Facebook and Twitter and RSS. I have a group on Facebook and an account on Twitter for ECC. I have installed a publisher a long time ago, and it has more or less worked a few times, however erratic. I may just assign some manual publisher duties to some mods, however I think it would be too much trouble and prone to errors. I don’t know what to do yet about it. Image links to the ECC Facebook group and a follow button for the Twitter account would be needed as well as an RSS icon, and I want to figure out how to put a tweet button in the postbit that will tweet a post, and a like button. It’s something small I need to figure out. I also want an RSS icon on the article display page, so people can follow the blog via RSS. I plan to have the link set to follow that forum ID.
  • Also want to set up a mailing list that members can subscribe to, or get subscrbed to it automatically and then have the ability to opt out if they want, which the mass-mail function in the MyBB ACP doesn’t have that feature. It will be a good way to keep the members coming back. Also, if I can get it to automatically pick the hot threads in specified sections that will be awesome. Will be testing some mass-mail software soon. Free, of course :D

So, the above improvements, once I get some writers other than me for the blog, should help get more traffic. We peaked at 200 daily visits two days ago, an all-time high, which means I must be doing something right ;)

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