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Decreasing header usage on ECC

| Luke Harris

•What are some ways to decrease the header usage?
The board messages, navigation, and ads are all contributing to the problem. Possible fixes:
Take down the header ad and try to put vertical ads beside the forum body. This will probably have something to do with tables or sections in the HTML template, and I have a suspicion its a forumdisplay template.
Also, the navigation. It needs to be butted up closer the black bar if possible.
The board messages are a small problem. They are a little bit tall, but I think they are worth keeping.
Also, I'd like to improve page loading time. The ads are a contributing factor to this problem, however that is normal. Increasing GZip compression by one point may help. Also consider enabling compression settings on the server.
Now, about ProPortal and using it in the blog. I need to find what identifies the plugin and modify that accordingly so I can have it work alright with the forum portal.

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