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Current Projects 03-27-2011

| Luke Harris

Ok, current projects for today and this week:
-Set up a webserver on my iPod Touch using lighttp with php and I have to find an SQL database. Need to find a mobile-formatted SQL admin panel as well, phpmyadmin will be difficult to use on here.
-Get wordpress installed on enigmachs, and then install a simplistic white theme I found so that it looks nice when I integrate it with ECC with the forum header. This will be the ECC blog when I'm done with it.
-Possibly get some drop down menus on the nav bar on ECC, it's a little too long for me and looks bad when viewed with a small resolution.
-Design a new small logo, which will be used in signatures and the ECC mobile theme.
-Change the theme color of the mobile theme to a dark blue, the current color just doesn't fit in.
-Get some new graphics for the lightbulb icons on the forum list that alert when there are unread posts. May end up taking the current unique section icons and using them. However, I'd have to gray them out for the off color and I don't like the way they look after that, and the photography section's camera icon will end up too subtle or showing no change at all due to its black color.
-Learn more HTML on w3schools.
-Backup ECC and all directories to a RAR archive and store it somewhere. Problem is, the download is 500+ MB and contains 10,000+ files iirc. Going to try archiving it to a zip file on the server and try that.
-Also, speaking of backing up ECC, I will be figuring out how to make the daily database backup store a copy on another server just in case. I need this to be automatic. I'm going to use my x10 server account as it's more reliable and has more space than my HelioHost account.
-I think if I delete a couple hundred database backups on ECC it may decrease the size of the download when I back it up. The database size is 8 MB, but the automatic daily backup has been going on for 4-5 months now, not to mention my manual backups when I experimented with things.
-Get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use with my iPod, which will be epic.
-Download the following Cydia apps:
• BT stack keyboard
• Infiniboard
• Infinidock
• Infinifolders
• Veency (enables you to connect and control your iPod (like RDC) with a VNC client.
• CPanel/WHM app to access a server's CPanel.

Long list. But, what else have I got to do on Sundays? :D

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