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My Windows 10 tiling workspace setup

One annoyance I’ve had with Windows after using Manjaro and i3 for a few months last year is that there wasn’t really a good tiling window manager for Windows. FancyZones Microsoft’s PowerToys project makes a suitable replacement that doesn’t break things, called FancyZones. See below for my layout: I’ve got a big zone on the … Read more

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Why I use Firefox as my default browser

Since Firefox 5, I’ve been very vocal about my opposition against anyone using Firefox. Mozilla has definitely dropped the ball multiple times over the last decade, however I must say I am seeing a lot of things I like lately, after using Firefox Developer Edition (currently version 77b3) since April 2019. Here’s the list: Scrolling … Read more

Huckin’ it with Hudson

During the holidays I donned the vacuumsuit and became CMDR Cactus once again in the gigantic galaxy of Elite: Dangerous. This time around I was determined to get somewhere with Powerplay, and set out to earn merits with my power of choice, Zachary Hudson (I have no idea why I chose him so long ago, … Read more

Don’t save Mozilla

Psy-Q wrote about donating to Mozilla to prevent them from being mostly reliant on Yahoo! for funding. His post titled, “To defend the free web, you must save Mozilla“, suggests that large companies as well as individuals should donate more money so that Mozilla doesn’t go the way of the dodo. He makes some good … Read more

Sweeten the deal with OneDrive, Microsoft

Earlier this month Microsoft announced it was cutting their 15GB of free storage on OneDrive down to 5GB, in what seems to be a move to push people to¬†pay $10 a month for Office 365+1TB of OneDrive space (which isn’t too bad of a deal, but still stupid). I’m mad about the free¬†storage reduction, but … Read more

The magic of Reading View

Microsoft Edge comes with a new Reading View feature which is designed to remove excess content from a page and just give you the article and the images within the article in a much more readable and less distracting format. Other browsers have this feature too (Chrome’s is hidden behind a flag) and a lot … Read more


I posted recently about what was holding me back from going “full Microsoft”. Those conditions still apply, but recently I’ve discovered how easy it is to drop them or avoid the issues altogether. I bought a Lumia 640 at Best Buy for $60 and I’m really liking it. It doesn’t have Windows 10 yet but … Read more