Titanfall 2

So Respawn has admitted that they’re working on a sequel to the online FPS mech shooter Titanfall that came out this time last year. And while I enjoyed the original, I’m not planning on buying the sequel unless some serious improvements are made.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the original: no community servers. That means, if Respawn stops supporting the game (as will eventually happen) there will be nobody else providing servers to play the game on. I have no issues with the fact that it’s online-only, because welcome to the modern gaming era. But a lack of community-run servers support is a serious downfall for a multiplayer FPS, let alone an online-only FPS.

I’ve already noticed Respawn has shown less and less interest in updating the game, as the Titanfall blog┬áhas some long gaps between updates during the past few months. Their most recent post since mid-November last year is a post from yesterday about their launch anniversary. Bravo! But how’s support for the game?

The other issue I had with Titanfall is the DLC. You pay for map packs that are exclusive to those who bought the DLC, so you have a lot less players playing those maps and matchmaking can take a while. Those maps were cool, but because of the exclusivity I believe all map packs should be free. Sell things like Titans or cosmetics, not maps.

And then there’s the issue where I bought the season pass and then it got discounted repeatedly and now it’s free. Waste of money, but of course I couldn’t tell what Respawn was going to do in the future after I bought the season pass.

I am against microtransactions though. Thankfully Titanfall only really sells DLC so that’s good, but I hope they don’t follow the failed abomination of a game that Evolve turned out to be. I was a fan of Turtle Rock Studios until that garbage came out.

I really enjoyed playing Titanfall last year, and want to get back into it again, but it’s going to be a bittersweet experience considering its seemingly uncertain future, especially regarding the community server issue.

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