Firefox is slowly dying.

The Brendan Eich controversy and the new Chrome UI ripoff for Firefox really isn’t doing Mozilla any favors with their fanboybase these days. Users are becoming sick of applying bandages to their browser to make it work and look the way they want it to, and the CEO mess really sealed Mozilla’s fate.

I’m glad to see the wretched browser known as Firefox going down the tubes, but sad that so much potential at Mozilla was wasted on copying other browser’s UIs and making a garbage mobile OS based on their elderly browser engine instead of actually innovating.

Hopefully, if Mozilla ever recovers their community’s trust and actually makes a decent browser again, they will become great again. But right now, it’s a big nope.

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5 thoughts on “Firefox is slowly dying.”

  1. No no no! Firefox are the best browsers! You don’t understand. They let you browse the web at lightning fast speed. I never have any problems with it and it works great. What broswer do you use? Opera? Peasant.

    • I use Chrome. As I said above, Firefox is ancient and decrepit. Even IE’S engine works better these days.
      Lightning fast speed with gecko? Ha.

      • So living in the dark ages is a thing you enjoy? Nice, nice. Some day you will see the light, the wonderful light that is Chrome.
        But until then, you will burn in the fiery depths of open source stagnant development hell with perverted fox mascots.

      • Looks like someone just got trolled!…or so I hope.
        Firefux is seriously unusable now. I’ve simply conceded and went back to IE.
        At least it doesn’t lock up for hours at a time and crash randomly.

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