A game of woe: World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free-to-play online tank MMO that I used to enjoy playing. Lately though, I’ve lost interest, and it’s starting to look like it’s about to go downhill for the game in general as well.

Basically, it works like this: You grab a tank, you go into a battle that can last up to 15 minutes, and you either do your part and/or die, and then your tank is stuck for up to 15 minutes in that game. When it gets out, you get XP and credits, but the game punishes you if your team loses – you get a lot less XP and credits.

It’s a fun game, but lately with the advent of more and more kids (ranging from immature 14 year-olds down to 6 year-olds) and people playing on the American servers from other countries, it’s starting to go downhill.

Kids tend to play this game wrong. They don’t know how to play the damn game, and most of them play it on their crappy “family” computers, most of which can barely run the game at its lowest settings, so they’re also extremely hampered by their computer’s performance. And in most cases, their Internet sucks too, further preventing them from progressing in the game without screwing it up for other people who actually have the equipment to play the damn game.

This situation can and will happen to any free to play game though, but the issue here is deeper than just crappy players.

Wargaming is a Russian company who either doesn’t give a crap about their playerbase or there’s a severe language barrier going on between their Russian and English-speaking region teams. Part of the problem with all the crappy players could be solved by implementing skilled-based matchmaking, which not only would make teams more fair but I, as a slightly better than average player, wouldn’t have to combat with and against crappy players. But Wargaming refuses to do it because they’d rather milk the sick cow than fix it and make it better.

Oh well. It’s time for me to move on to better games like WarThunder and all those upcoming space games I guess. Rant over.

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