The Phone Plan

So as soon as I get a job I want to get a phone. Here’s the plan:

  • Get Google Nexus phone
  • Get it on Cricket
  • Freak out about Android after a year and get the iPhone 5S

Good plan. I like this plan.

The reason I want to get an Android device is because I’ve hardly played with Android, and I’m frustrated with the limitations of iOS. A major problem for me is playing AVI files, which are usually TV episodes I’ve downloaded. iOS doesn’t support AVI files, so I have to convert the darn things or deal with performance issues while I jailbreak and install crappy VLC. Android would solve those issues because it supports AVI files.

Another issue is apps. Android may have a fragmented platform, but they’ve got so many apps I want to try that would never make it to iOS.

And that’s the plan. Still not sure about any of it yet though. Got a lot of apps and stuff on iOS so I may end up getting an iPhone anyway.

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