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I was up last night obsessing over the fact that I always have to open 6 or more tabs to check my social networks, get caught up on the news, and read my email. It’s ridiculous to me that there’s nothing really good out there for desktop users that can unite those feeds and give you the notifications for all of them. Flipboard, an iOS app, is the best thing I could find that did this in a very nice, easy to read way, but there’s no desktop version of that app and it doesn’t give you notifications.

Somebody needs to make a website that unifies every social network and email service out there, as well as RSS integration, and display notifications for all of that.

And it can’t be based on crap like Adobe Air and it can’t be platform specific either. It needs to be a website, a central hub I can visit from anywhere, and check up on my stuff.

I’ve found a number of sites that seem to address this issue, and while Alternion seems to address this issue the best, it doesn’t integrate with Google+, doesn’t fully integrate with services like Instagram, its notification system is screwed up, and its design is a bit cluttered and hard to distinguish elements on.

Guess I need to keep searching or create one with a friend of mine.

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6 thoughts on “The Unified Social Feed”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. After researching this space for an hour I found 3 or 4 sites that looked to do exactly this but are doing dead or doing other stuff. How hard is it to set this up?

    • Well I’d imagine it’s pretty darn easy to set up if you have a clear focus. The sites I found seem to beĀ focusedĀ on making money off of it and delivering crap.

      • It seems like you could bundle this service into another project to enhance it’s value. If, that is, it was still executed well.

      • That would be cool. I was thinking if myself and my friend made this thing we could use EnigmaBoard as the official forums for it, which would benefit the forums a lot.

      • An important question to consider is whether the “portal” itself is enough to draw users or if it needs to be bundled with other features.

        To be honest, I wouldn’t mind paying for something like this if it was done really well and was reasonably priced ($20 a year or something).

      • Ah I see. I think it would be good to add features like scheduled publishing for all sharing platforms, stats, and basically make it into more of a social tool while still keeping the main idea (a social aggregator) in focus.

        And as for premium features, I’m not a fan of that stuff, so we’d probably place one ad on the page. We might set up a donation page or some weird but awesome perks system (badges, silly stuff like that) to encourage donations.

        This is all hypothetical of course, but I do want to make this all happen someday.

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