Changed everything over to EnigmaBoard

Changed just about everything over to EnigmaBoard. The domains, the name, most of the URLs on other sites, and added a page rule to Cloudflare to forward any URLs on to their matching URL on Really happy about that, it means this domain change won’t be so upsetting SEO-wise and the member’s bookmarks will still work (for example, my EB bookmark is for the New Content page).

I’m slowly prying IP.Content out of the site and will soon install WordPress, install the custom theme I made for this blog that matches EB’s theme, and then make a custom homepage. This homepage will contain social links, a short description about the site and why you should join, and hopefully should be inviting enough that when people see it they want to join.

Not sure if I’m going to give the homepage its own unique design with a background image like on my personal site and, or to make it look more uniform with the site by using the theme I made, but it should look pretty good when done.

After that I’ve got to wait for the ads to make enough profit or for donations so I can renew the IPB license and upgrade to IPB 3.3.

Traffic hasn’t improved since the move, and neither has activity. Nobody’s posted in a long time. I’m going to send out a mass mail later today that should fix that.

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