Try Something New – Idea

I think it would be a good idea if I implemented some sort of rotating banner system in EC’s sidebar, with the title “Try Something New”. This system would have several graphics that change on each page load, and they will contain links to sites, threads, or sections on EC. In my opinion this would really engage users and give them something to try out every time they visit the site.

The problem is getting it working. I tried using the same PHP code that I used in the slogan to display random lines which contain HTML, but it seems that PHP parsing is disabled in the IP.Board sidebar or I’m not inserting it correctly. I think I need to look for some JavaScript or something that would display random lines in a text file.

When it’s finished, it should be awesome. This will be a great tool for promoting different areas on EC, such as topics, forums, the blogging system and I could even promote other sites with it like MineBoard for example.

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