MineBoard Released! -And other dev stuff

Well, MineBoard has finally been released (sort of ;)) and we’re off to a great start! I’m amazed at how much traffic we’ve been getting since we opened our doors to registrations last evening. We’ve gotten like 400 visitors in the past 24 hours and over 1,500 pageviews O.O

Anyway, that’s great, and now it’s time for the dev stuff! Yay! The part of the post where Luke writes out a boring bulletpoint list of stuff he’s done and wants/needs to do:

Stuff I’ve done:

  • Modified theme (awesome fading gradient background thingy, learned how to do it and had it on there in 5 minutes!)
  • Opened MineBoard.
  • Added support for Tapatalk.
  • Added support for Forum Runner.
  • Added a mobile theme.
  • Add Like plugin.
  • Changed logo.
  • Added Tales of Misery forum.
  • Added Blocks of Art forum.

Stuff I want to do:

  • Reorganize the forums in some way, not sure yet but what we have is confusing imo and lacking in some areas.
  • Set up RSS feed imports from Notch’s blog and the MineBoard category on this blog. Maybe even tweets from Notch, not sure yet.
  • Possibly add a sidebar to the index with a plug-in this time, I like those things quite a lot, especially since I moved EC to IPB ;)
  • Add custom icons to each forum on MineBoard.
  • Add affiliate links for both mine and Chaos’ sites.
  • Work on a special Halloween surprise.

And that’s all for tonight! So excited about the traffic, definitely going to plan some ads on there once the Project Wonderful application is approved ;)

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