and LinkBucks – Review

So I tested out LinkBucks for a few days and I’m not really happy with the results. I did some calculations, and is definitely going to make me a lot more than LinkBucks.

The Statistics

Here’s the stats:

LinkBucks: 89 clicks and a total of $0.0411 = 0.0005 per click, which equates to $0.30 after 611 clicks. 611 clicks and a total of $0.96901 = $0.0016 per click, which equates to $0.97 after 611 clicks.
Obviously, despite using for over a month and LinkBucks for almost a week, I’m going to end up making more than 60% more money using than using LinkBucks.

What I liked

I did like LinkBuck’s services and tools however, for example their full-page script was easy to configure with domain exceptions via a handy text box and drop down submission system, while with you have to configure it by entering an array of domains in the code.
LinkBucks also updated the stats immediately on page reload, while I have to wait to see‘s stats.

Conclusion is going to make me more than two thirds more money than LinkBucks, while LinkBucks can be easier to use and I like its features. In the end, money matters, and while doesn’t have the features, its payouts per link are much higher.

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