and LinkBucks

Well, I’m experimenting with different link monetizers (if that’s a word) this week, to see which is going to generate the most revenue.

I’ve had working on ECC for over a month now, and I’m not too satisfied with the results. I’ve made almost $1 in the month it’s been in place, for about 700 clicks. It’s also been plagued by frame breakers (Websites that redirect the page) and another site that tries to block the Skip Ad button in trying to make you perform a survey.

So I’m trying out LinkBucks for a month, I like it so far. It has the same full-page script feature has, but it’s easier to configure domains that you don’t want the links monetized. And you can’t tell if a link is monetized by just hovering on it either, you have to actually click the link.

I’ll post my findings when the month is over. If I’m not satisfied with LinkBucks I’ll give Ad.Focus a shot.

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