Today’s achievements and thoughts

So, today’s achievements and tomorrow’s projects:

  • Helped my friend Ben install a MyBB forum for his train site he’s building, that was interesting. I will be putting a lot of my favorite plugins and modifications for MyBB into it, like an image gallery and other things.
  • Took out quite a bit of meat from the footer of ECC, that sure looks cleaner despite the ad. Next is the header!
  • Got on Twitter today and noticed that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 was out, or about to be, and so I got into the hashtag war with the rest of them, and I think I promoted my forum quite a bit from it as well. Need to find a way to use hashtages in the twitter publisher for my forum, which I got working today.
  • After dealing with the crappy Facebook publisher for a while, I saw that one of the news services I follow on Facebook was using an app called RSS Graffiti, and so I promptly went to try it out and I was impressed to say the least. It works by using the RSS from the forum and posting the thread link with a short description. I am now happy to say that it’s the new Facebook publishing method for ECC.
  • I want to get the stupid sides on the ECC theme filled with ads, not sure how to do it yet.
  • Anyway, that concludes today’s crap, and now for some sleep. Sleep….

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